Friday, October 3, 2014


               The cats have been kicked out of the tribe territory. The leader of the tribe said it was Stormfur destiny to kill Sharptooth the lion who kills the tribe cats. The clan cats didn't want them to keep Stormfur there they had to finished their quest. A day later it's storming and the clan cats sneek in the tribes territory and Sharptooth is there. The cats put mud on their selves to blend in to the tribe cats and they start to fight the tribe. My favorite character is Crowpaw he is a black cat and he is also brave and stands up for others. At the clans the twolegs  (the humans) are poisoning the animals the cats are hunting making the sick and die. The clans are about to join together....


  1. Crowpaw sounds like a really interesting character. Does he remind you of anyone you know?

  2. Crowpaw sounds like you doesn't he.