Wednesday, November 19, 2014


  It's getting really good. The three girls you know the mysterious one well they have been watching Gemma and her sister Harper. I wonder what they are up to. They told Gemma that they see her all the time when she swims in the lake at night.  The always go in a cave at  night and dance in hangout. Gemma and her sister why the mysterious girls keep watching them. I wonder what their up to and why they're there. I hopping so  you guys read this book it is really good. Please read this great book

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  1. Remember, the posts are NOT summaries. You have a lot of summary here. I want you to tell me what you like about the book or don't like. I need you to tell me about things in the book, but it should be with your thoughts/opinions. Read Tabitha's for a great example.