Friday, February 13, 2015

Warriors Into the Wild
  I am almost done with this great book!!!! It is the first book of this series I have read it before but the series is so good I wanted to read it again! A couple of my friends wanted to read it so i decided to read it again to Abigal is done with it she loved it and Donia is almost finished. It is about a kittypet named Rusty who was asked to join the Thunder clan. He didn't know what to chose his comfortable home with his Twoleg (humans) owners or live in the wild with his new clan friend Graypaw were he gets to hunt and live in a clan who cares for him. He chose to live in the clan he earned his name Firepaw after his fire like fur. Before I chose this book to read again I was reading the fourth book when I am done with this book I am going to read number five. I highly recommend this series to many cat lovers, but you will love this book as a cat lover or not one. There is a lot of action and I really enjoy this series and you would too. Here is the book pictures from 1-6.