Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Warriors Dangerous Path/The Darkest Hour
 I just finished book number five The Dangerous Path the book was great!
My favorite part was when the dog pack came and Fireheart's (main character) plan worked. I'm so sad the Bluestar (the leader died though. My favorite character was Cloudtail (Fireheart's sisters son) he is so nice to Lostface (she is in love with Cloudtail) when the dog pack hurt her bad and when they killed Swiftpaw. I'm starting to read book number six it is getting really good I don't have a favorite part or character yet because I just started. The sixth book is called The Darkest Hour Fireheart becomes leader because Bluestar dies in book five (so sad). Fireheart earns his leader name Firestar. Firestar and Cinderpelt (the medicine cat)
had just got back from Highstones (the place were leaders get their nine lives). A new deputy is called Whitestorm (an old warrior great friends with Firestar). That is all I have to say! This series is the best I hope you choose to read it!!

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