Friday, March 20, 2015

Warriors: The New Prophecy Midnight/ The New Prophecy Moonrise
I have started a new series of  Warriors and it is great. It's when four chosen cat go on a mission to save the clans. My favorite character in this book is Squrrielpaw (an apprentice her father is the leader of Thunder Clan Firestar) she is a clever young cat with orange fur like her father with on white paw. The cats on the mission are Brambleclaw (Thunder Clan), Feathertail (River Clan), Crowpaw (Wind Clan), Tawnypelt (Shadow Clan) these were the cats on the mission that were invited. There were two cats that were not invited and they are Squirrelpaw (Thunder Clan) and Stormfur (River Clan) these two came because they wanted to go and they were the only ones that knew about it. Stormfur came because of his sister Feathertail and he wanted to protect her. Squirrelpaw went because her dad was being mean to her so she went with Brambleclaw.
I just started reading this book so this paragraph will not be that long like Midnight. My favorite character so far is Crowpaw he is a spunky brave apprentice who likes Feathertail. The mission is still going on and they are going back to their clans now. I hope you start reading this series you will really like it!
The pictures are the two books I just read and the first of the starting series!!!!

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