Monday, May 4, 2015

Warriors Starlight
Hi, guys new blog entry today! The book is great so far I love this one. The clan have traveled to there new home safely I'm so happy. My favorite character in this book is Brambleclaw. I hope Firestar will just say that Brambleclaw will be deputy he would be a great one. I love this series I really want to finish it to figure out the rest and now what it means. I am thinking about another series to read about too so if u have a series that you would want me to read comment below. This book is full of wonder and excitement Erin Hunter is a great writer I hope some of you will read this fantastic series. The two main characters are Brambleclaw and Leafpaw. This series is one of the best ones I have ever read it is great. I hope you will start the series it is great.The pictures below are Starlight and Twilight the next book after Starlight